May 23, 2024

Jan. 20, 2011: Miami-Dade officers Roger Castillo and Amanda Haworth killed while trying to serve a warrant on a violent fugitive.

June 22, 2010: Monroe County Sheriff's road patrol Deputy Melissa Powers, 36, is killed in a patrol car accident near mile marker 101.8 on U.S. 1 as she rushes to help another officer.

May 15, 2010: FHP Trooper Patrick Ambroise is struck and killed in a vehicle crash on Florida's Turnpike in Miami.

Nov. 22, 2008: Hollywood Police officer Alex Del Rio, 31, dies after he loses control of his Ford Crown Victoria cruiser in the 7000 block of Sheridan Street. The cruiser was engulfed in flames.

Jan. 8, 2008: Miami detective James Walker killed in a firefight in North Miami Beach.

Nov. 28, 2007: Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputies Donta Manuel, 33, and Jonathan Wallace are killed instantly by a pursuing patrol car during a stolen car investigation in Belle Glade.

Nov. 7, 2007: Broward Sheriff's Deputy Paul Rein, 76, gunned down while transporting an inmate in a van from the north jail to court in Fort Lauderdale.

Sept. 13, 2007: Miami-Dade police officer Jose Somohano gunned down by a suspect during a traffic stop.

Aug. 10, 2007: Broward Sheriff's Deputy Chris Reyka is shot to death while investigating a suspicious vehicle.

Nov. 11, 2006: Broward Sheriff's Deputy Brian Tephford is shot to death during a traffic stop.

Feb. 15, 2006: Broward Sheriff's Deputy Ryan Seguin is killed during a traffic stop when he is struck by another car.

Aug. 19, 2004: Broward Sheriff's Deputy Todd Michael Fatta is shot in the chest by a suspect during a house raid.

April 6, 2003: Broward Sheriff's Deputy Philip Billings is shot in the head while performing his first security detail.

March 31, 2002: Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputy Don Schavolt dies in Wellington early Easter morning after struggling with a violent prisoner and then suffering cardiac arrest.

Jan.8, 2002: Key Biscayne police officer Theodore Zorsky dies after suffering a ruptured aortic aneurysm in the chest while behind the wheel of his patrol car.

Dec. 9, 2000: Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputy Garry Hobbs dies nine years after being sprayed with a lethal herbicide during a stolen-property investigation.

July 26, 1997: FHP Trooper Robert G. Smith is struck and killed by a drunk driver in Miami.

Jan. 6, 1996: Fort Lauderdale police Officer Bryant Peney is shot to death after an all-night manhunt.

May 30, 1995: Miami police officer Carlos Santiago is killed after falling 50 feet from an opening on a bridge.

Aug. 27, 1994: South Florida DEA agents Meredith Thompson, 33, Frank Wallace Jr., 37 and three other federal agents die when their plane crashes in Peru.

Nov. 16, 1993: North Miami police officer Lynette Hodge dies after her police cruiser flips over while she rushes to the aid of a fellow officer.

Oct. 30, 1993: Metro-Dade detective Evelyn Gort is shot and killed after exchanging gunfire with a person who had just robbed her of three dollars and a set of keys.

Feb. 26, 1993: Palm Beach County Sheriff's Sgt. James Hunt is shot and killed while investigating four suspicious people in front of a bank automated teller machine.

Nov. 19, 1992: Hialeah police Sgt. Pedro Cainas dies several days after being shot in the head while responding to a complaint about a gun-toting man with loud radio.

Oct. 13, 1992: Miami police officer Osvaldo Canalejo is killed after his cruiser is broadsided while he was responding to an assistance call.

July 16, 1992: FHP Trooper Kimberly Ann Hurd is struck a killed by a drunk driver while on a traffic stop in Broward County.

March 25, 1992: Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputy Anita Pospisil dies when a speeding truck having just run a red light crashes into the side of her patrol car.

March 6, 1992: Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputy Kevin Mathews dies after being struck by a passing car. He had been acting as a motorcycle escort during a motorcade for Democratic presidential candidate Paul Tsongas.

Jan. 3, 1992: North Miami police detective Steven Bauer is shot and killed while escorting two clerks carrying cash drawers to drive-in booths at the Kislak National Bank.

Oct. 26, 1991: Miccosukee wildlife officer Donald Thornbury, 26, drowns in an Everglades canal when his airboat flips in about 12 feet of water during a routine patrol.

June 11, 1991: Miami Springs Officer Charles Stafford is killed with his own gun during a struggle with a suspected car thief.

Nov. 13, 1990: Broward Sheriff's Deputy Patrick Behan is doing paperwork in his patrol car when someone fires a bullet through an open window that strikes him in the face, killing him.

April 27, 1990: Metro-Dade Officer Joseph Martin is shot to death by an ex-con during a routine traffic stop.

Feb. 17, 1990: Broward Sheriff's Deputy John W. Greeney is killed in a barrage of gunfire after surprising two robbers at a fast-food chicken restaurant.

Nov. 2, 1989: Customs pilot George Reyez Saenz Jr. is lost at sea after a helicopter crash in the ocean 55 miles southeast of Marathon. Three other agents and two Bahamian police officers survive.

Aug. 22, 1989: Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputy James Dickinson is shot and killed while trying to catch an armed, barricaded suspect.

Nov. 28, 1988: Metro-Dade Officers Richard Boles and David Strzalkowski are killed with their own service revolvers by suspect Charlie Street at a Northeast Dade trailer park.

Oct. 1, 1988: Metro-Dade police Lt. Thomas Leis suffer carbon monoxide poisoning while rescuing two men from the hold of a smoldering ship. He dies of complications on April 29, 1990.

June 30, 1988: Miami Beach undercover Officer Scott Rakow dies the day after he was shot while chasing a suspect in a drug sting.

June 21, 1988: Miami police motorcycle officer William Craig thrown off his motorcycle in an accident; dies after 2 months in a coma.

March 31, 1988: Miami police officer Victor Estefan, 49, is shot and killed after he tries to make a traffic stop at 36th Avenue and Southwest Eighth Street.

Nov. 27, 1987: South Miami police officer Laverne Daniel Schulz, 41, is attacked and stabbed by a group of juveniles while he worked off-duty at the old Bakery Centre movie theater. He dies a month later.

March 28, 1987: FHP Trooper Stephen G. Rouse is killed in a traffic crash in Broward County.

Nov. 6, 1986: Hialeah officer Emilio Miyares, 27, is shot during a struggle with a robbery suspect.

Sept. 3, 1986: Miami officer David Herring, 25, is killed by exhaust fumes in patrol car.

June 25, 1986: Sweetwater officer James K. Beasley, 44, is run down by a fleeing vehicle.

June 3, 1986: Opa-locka officer Ephraim Brown, 29, is shot while struggling with a drug suspect.

April 11, 1986: FBI agents Benjamin Grogan, 53, and Gerald Dove, 30, are killed in a shoot-out with bank robbery suspects.

Oct. 17, 1985: Bal Harbour police officer John Melendez is killed in an automobile accident while responding to back up another officer on a traffic stop.

June 30, 1985: FHP Trooper Donald E. Jennings is struck and killed while working a traffic crash in Broward County.

April 3, 1985: Miami Beach police officer Robert Fitzpatrick dies after getting a blood clot as a result of a training accident in which he hurt his knee. The clot traveled from his knee to his heart.

Dec. 21, 1984: Miami motorcycle patrolman Jose De Leon, 26, is struck by a car while pursuing a suspect.

Feb. 25, 1984: Miami Beach officer Donald Bernard Kramer, 42, is shot by a homeless derelict.

Dec. 25, 1983: Metro officer Robert Zore, 25, is shot in a struggle with a robbery suspect.

Aug. 24, 1983: Fort Lauderdale motorcycle officer Charlie Bruce, 46, died three weeks after his cycle slammed into a car. He had been on the police force 18 years.

July 8, 1983: ATF firearms agent Eddie Benitez is shot in the forehead making an arrest. After four days in a coma, he dies.

May 28, 1983: Metro officer Stephen Corbett, 21, is struck by a car at an accident scene.

Dec. 2, 1982: ATF agent Ariel Rios dies when an undercover cocaine transaction explodes in a burst of gunfire.

Sept. 6, 1982: Hollywood police officer Frankie Shivers, 27, was shot to death by Geraldine Terrell, whose car smashed into a police cruiser. As Shivers tried to help, Terrell grabbed the officer's gun and shot her in the chest. Terrell died from a gunshot wound to her face.

Aug. 31, 1982: Florida parole supervisor Bjorn Svenson is shot and killed after being ambushed by a parolee.

July 14, 1982: Metro-Dade sexual battery Detective Cheryl Seiden, 33, is shot twice outside the Peppermill condominium in West Kendall after returning from dinner with two friends. She died July 28 in Jackson Memorial Hospital.

June 3, 1982: Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputy Frank Genovese is shot and killed by an armed suspect during a SWAT assignment.

Sep. 23, 1981: Metro officer Edward Young is killed instantly after an unmarked patrol car in which he was riding slams into a concrete utility racing to a crime scene.

Sept. 2, 1981: Miami officer Nathaniel Broom, 23, is shot while following a traffic violator.

April 18, 1981: Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputy Richard J. Landes dies after being struck by a passing vehicle while helping remove another vehicle from a canal.

Nov. 5, 1980: North Miami policeman Carl Mertes, 41, is shot while trying to handcuff a traffic violator.

Oct. 12, 1980: Coral Gables Sgt. Alfred Terrinoni is shot and killed while working an off-duty security job for a local restaurant. He was returning to his car after making a night deposit when four suspects attempted to rob him. When he identified himself as an officer and attempted to stop the robbery he was shot.

May 18, 1980: Miami police Lt. Edward McDermott suffers a fatal heart attack while assigned a communications command post on the onset of the 1980 Miami riots.

July 24, 1979: Metro-Dade police officer William Askew suffers a fatal heart attack while struggling with a juvenile suspect following a foot chase.

July 11, 1979: Sheriff's detention deputy Joseph Conte, 47, was slain when he was ambushed during an inmate escape.

May 16, 1979: Metro-Dade police officer William C. Cook, 25, is slain by a berserk man who also shot his wife, a neighbor and two other officers.

Sept. 19, 1978: FHP Trooper Alvin V. Kohler is shot and killed assisting a disabled motorist on Florida's Turnpike in Miami.

August 1978: Robert Hugh Milligan, 54, a 25-year veteran of the Hollywood Police Department, was killed while trying to serve an eviction notice for the sheriff's office.

Aug. 4, 1978: Pompano Beach officer Roy Lacy, 32, was shot while he was off duty. He died the next day. His wife, Ethel Mae, was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

April 2, 1978: Coral Gables officer Louis Pena, 41, is shot after stopping a man driving a stolen car.

Feb. 14, 1978: FHP Trooper Elmer C. Barnett is struck and killed by a car on a traffic stop in Miami.

Nov. 12, 1977: Fort Lauderdale Sgt. Gregory Connors, 30, a motorcycle officer, was killed when struck by a car answering a call.

Aug. 4, 1977: FHP Trooper Bradley Steven Glascock is shot and killed on a traffic stop on State Road 836.

April 19, 1977: Dania patrolman James Taylor Thomas, 26, was killed when he walked into a convenience store during a robbery.

April 1, 1976: The deadliest day for Miami-Dade police: Three officers, Frank K. D'Azevedo, Clark Curlette and Thomas A. Hodges Jr., are shot dead at a motel while working a stolen drivers license case.

Feb. 20, 1976: Florida Highway Patrol trooper Phillip Black of Pompano Beach, and visiting Ontario Provincial Police Cpl. Donald Irwin, both 39, were killed in a shootout at the Deerfield Beach rest stop on Interstate 95.

Aug. 5, 1974: DEA agents Nicholas Fragos and Charles Mann and several others die when the roof of the Miami Field Division office collapses.

July 21, 1974: Fort Lauderdale officer Demetri Walter Ilyankoff, 40, was shot three times when he responded to a burglary call at a restaurant.

May 21, 1974: Metro-Dade police officer Simmons Arrington, 31, is shot and killed when he tries to settle a domestic dispute.

May 18, 1974: Metro-Dade police Sgt. Harrison Crenshaw, 33, is shot to death by a motorist.