Former Miami-Dade cop accused of bilking police department out of $2,200 by faking military deployment


In July and September 2015, Miami-Dade officer William Weaver told his supervisor he was being deployed to Texas by the Florida Army National Guard — a move that allowed him to continue to receive a paycheck from the police department. 

But there was a hiccup: Weaver was honorably discharged from the military nearly three years earlier, in October 2012. 

On Tuesday, Weaver, who spent nine years as a county cop, was arrested and charged with two counts of official misconduct as a public servant and one count of grand theft. His bond was set at $15,000.

Miami-Dade Police, which let Weaver go last year, didn’t release his arrest affidavit. But his arrest warrant, signed by a Miami-Dade circuit judge, tells the story of a former agricultural patrol cop who misled his employer and the mother of his child to steal $2,253.98 from the police department. 

According to his arrest affidavit, Weaver submitted false training orders saying he was attending out-of-town events in El Paso, Texas, which allowed him to get paid for an additional 62 hours of police work. 

His scam was uncovered, police said, when his lieutenant at the Miami-Dade Police Department discovered a discrepancy in a form and contacted one of Weaver’s military supervisors. The military supervisor said the officer’s claims were not legitimate.

Miami-Dade Police say they were told that Weaver never belonged to the battalion he claimed to be a part of, and that the events at Fort Bliss in Texas that Weaver said he would be attending never existed.

The warrant says Weaver’s ex-girlfriend, a National Guard sergeant and the mother of their child, testified that Weaver asked her to send him copies of a training order she received for an event in El Paso. She also testified that she wanted Weaver to visit her before she was deployed to Djibouti, so she emailed him her orders.