January 26, 2020
Man charged with killing officer in West Miami-Dade crash rejects plea deal

Dozens of officers filled a Miami courtroom on Wednesday morning as a man charged with killing one of their brothers in blue appeared for a court hearing.

Prosecutors offered 26-year-old Ronald Nicholas Pla a plea deal after he was charged for striking and killing 53-year-old City of Miami Police Officer Jorge Sanchez in West Miami-Dade back in 2016.

The plea deal included Pla having to give up his license, probation and a form of house arrest.

Investigators said Pla had a seizure while driving the afternoon of the crash. Ten other victims were also injured in the multi-vehicle crash, but Sanchez was the only victim transported as a trauma alert. He later succumbed to his injuries at the hospital.

“This defendant had been diagnosed with a seizure disorder, had been under medical care with a provider for a period of time and had been told multiple times not to drive unless he was at least six months seizure free. He did not,” said Assistant State Attorney Laura Adams. “I don’t know what else the state can do to show leniency. There are consequences for actions.”

Pla ended up rejecting the plea deal.

“[We’re] surprised there was a decision to impose criminal culpability on Mr. Pla. We respectfully reject the plea offer,” said Pla’s attorney Daniel Lurvey.

Pla is expected back in court on Jan. 30 for his hearing and on Feb. 10 for trial.